Society of Professors of Education

Saturday, April 23, 2022

Web Conference Moderator: Kate Shively – klshively@bsu.edu

Web Conference Co-Moderator: Emily Boyles – etboyles@vt.edu


Please follow the directions below to gain access to the online conference. Once participants have completed registration, they can enter the site at any time during the day starting at 7:30am. 

Participants/presenters may register in advance for this conference by clicking on this LINK

The link:


After registering, a confirmation email will be sent to the email provided during registration prompting your first and last name and email address. Then you’ll see the launch window for Zoom. Click on it to enter the conference meeting. This confirmation email has a unique web address that is linked to your name/email address. Participants will use the link to enter conference sessions.

Kate Shively, Ball State University, SPE Webmaster & Web Conference Moderator, will send out a reminder about how to gain access a day before the conference.


You will share your PPT slides or handouts for your session via Zoom, with Kate’s assistance.

The chat box will be monitored by Kate. She’ll bring forward any comments once presenters or facilitators are finished speaking and before the next scheduled session begins.

If you’re a presenter and/or facilitator, please arrive to your session as indicated in the program via the link sent to your email after registering for the online conference. All presentations will be recorded and transcribed. LIVE transcription will also be provided.

Any questions or issues during the conference, please contact Kate Shively at klshively@bsu.edu and/or cell phone: 812-361-1057 (texting is available, if preferred).


Attention presenters: Please upload your PPT (PDF saved) file, Google slides, or handout for your presentation to this folder by Monday, April 16, 2022. Name your file by your last name and session # (e.g., Rieborn Session 1).

You’ll share your screen and advance your slides/handout at your own pace. But, if you’d like SPE to handle this, just ask Kate Shively—who will already have access to your materials. At your request, she’ll share your slides/pages and advance them as you speak.

Presenters and attendees, pre-register for the conference via this LINK. An email will be sent with access to the conference after you register. The registration information needed: (a) presenter’s first and last name and (b) email address. 


  1. Recommend not having multiple screens open during your presentation so that it is easy for you to determine which screen to share;
  2. We recommend preparing your desktop (i.e. have your document open) before it is your turn;
  3. Be sure to wait for notification from the moderator to share your screen.


Via Zoom, click the GREEN BUTTON at the center of the screen; then follow steps 1-4 (click on each for directions)

Click this button at the bottom of your Zoom screen to share your screen
Click on this image for interactive instructions for each step