Welcome to the Society of Professors of Education Website.  Founded in 1902, the Society of Professors of Education (SPE) is a professional and academic association open to all persons engaged in teacher preparation, curriculum studies, educational foundations, and related activities. The Society’s primary goal is to provide a forum for consideration of major issues, tasks, problems, and challenges confronting professional educators. SPE is an interdisciplinary organization. Its members include both scholars and practitioners in education.

Founding members included John Dewey, Charles DeGarmo, and Walter B. Jacobs.  Several other noteworthy early members were William Kilpatrick, George S. Counts, Elwood P. Cubberley, Harold O. Rugg, Edward L. Thorndike, and George Herbert Mead, symbolizing the diverse interests and ideological variety of the organization.  Its current members include several award-winning theoreticians, researchers, and practitioners in education.

At this moment in time, it is especially important that scholars of education engage in dialogue about education and the future of our worlds.   The membership of SPE strives to continue the spirit of socially engaged and responsible inquiry that the founders of the organization envisioned.  The Society offers a variety of opportunities for its members to share their work with the educational community, including two peer-reviewed journals and a conference held in conjunction with the AERA annual meeting.  SPE also recognizes significant work in the field with five awards.

Visit the the Library to view the SPE Constitution and Bylaws, membership lists from the early 20th century, and other archival materials. Photographs and other visual materials can be found in the Gallery.

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Refusing the Return: Mobilizing Toward a Just Educational Futures

2023 Annual Conference

Saturday, April 15, 2023

8am-5pm EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

Chicago, IL

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