The DeGarmo Lecture Award

Established in 1975, The DeGarmo Lecture is an annual statement on a problem or issue of special current concern to the education professoriate, offered by a prominent and distinguished figure in American Education. The DeGarmo Lecture is published by the Society and distributed to its members. The series is named for Charles DeGarmo, a Professor of the Science and Art of Education, and the first president of the National Society of College Teachers of Education in 1902.

Chair: William Schubert, Univ. of Illinois at Chicago

DeGarmo Lecture Titles 

Professor João M. Paraskeva, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK, 2022

Need to Update 2021

Isabel Nunez, Purdue University Fort Wayne, Coyote Lessons: Bernardo Gallegos and the Trickster as Teacher, 2020.

Brian Schultz, Miami University, Spectacular things, teaching in the cracks, and a need to push back, 2019.

Jason Goulah, DePaul University, Language education into the anthropocene: Possibilities and perspectives from Sokahumanism at the “posthumanist” turn, 2018.

Bernardo Gallegos, National University, Education and the struggle for America: Coyote musings on imperialism, race, and teaching, 2017.

Christine Sleeter, California State University Monterey Bay, Situating oneself in a critical multicultural history, 2016.

Kevin Kumashiro, University of San Francisco, Reframing educational reform, 2015.

Joel Spring, City University of New York, Global education: Corporatization of the global worker and family, 2014

[No Lecture given in 2013]

Kennith Zeichner, University of Washington, Two visions of teaching and teacher education for the 21st century, 2012

William H. Schubert, University of Illinois at Chicago, The Society of Professors of Education: Distinguished past and promising possibilities, 2011

Larry Cuban , Stanford University, Tinkering Toward Utopia: The 2010 Version, 2010

Gerald Bracey, High/Scope Educational Research Foundation, Getting the word out: Countering fear mongers about American public schools, 2009

Jim Garrison, Virginia Tech University, Rethinking care, motivation, and encounters across difference, 2008

Philip W. Jackson, University of Chicago, Rethinking Education, 2007

Linda Darling-Hammond, Stanford University, Powerful preparation: The university’s new role in transforming public education, 2006

Michael Fullan, University of Toronto, System thinkers in action: The road to sustainability, 2005

Jeannie Oakes, UCLA, Education for all on equal terms: Voices from the struggle 50 years after Brown, 2004

Lee Shulman, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Educational research and the scholarship of education, 2003

Sonia M. Nieto, University of Massachusetts, Language, culture and teaching: Critical perspectives for teacher education, 2002

Frederick D. Erikson, UCLA, Learning to collaborate with teachers in the representation of their work: Reflections of the continuing education of a professor of education, 2001

David Berliner, Arizona State University, The silence of the lambs: What business is doing to our schools, 2000

Yvonna S. Lincoln, Texas A & M University, Seeking a new discourse for the professoriate: Is change possible? 1999

Nel Noddings, Stanford University, Taking place seriously, 1998

Michael W. Apple, University of Wisconsin, Madison, The politics of education in a conservative age, 1997

Vito Perrone, Harvard University, Reflections on teaching, 1996

Jane Roland Martin, University of Massachusetts at Boston, There’s too much to teach: Culture wealth in an age of scarcity, 1995

Edmund W. Gordon, Yale University and CUNY, Culture and the sciences of pedagogy, 1994

Thomas F. Green, Syracuse University, Public speech, 1993

Arthur G. Wirth and Arthur Brown, Beyond the vocational and the technical (Tribute to Robert H. Beck), 1992

Deborah Meier, Central Park East, Secondary School, NYC, To be a good teacher, 1991

Maxine Greene, Columbia University, Retrieving the language of compassion – the education professor in search of community, 1990

Gerald Grant, Two dilemmas of equal educational oportunity, 1989

Andrew G. Wirth, Washington University, The violation of people at work in schools, 1988

K. Patricia Cross, Using assessment to improve instruction, 1987

Robert H. Anderson, The education professoriate: A leap toward prosperity, 1986

Lawrence E. Metcalf, Peace education within a war system, 1985

Theodore R. Sizer, High school reform and the reform of teacher education, 1984

Phillip G. Smith, Indiana University, Moral theory for public education, 1983

R. Freeman Butts, Teachers College, Columbia University, Teacher education and the revival of civic learning, 1982

Kenneth D. Benne, From pedagogy to anthropology: A challence for the education professoriate, 1981

B. Othanel Smith, University of Illinois, Now is the time to advance pedagogical education, 1980

Harry S. Broudy, University of Illinois, What do professors of education profess? 1979

John I. Goodlad, UCLA, Accountability: an alternative perspective, 1978

[The De Garmo Lecture was not given in 1977.]

Marian L. Martinello, University of Texas San Antonio, Asking impertinent questions: A purpose of the professorate, 1976

Carl H. Gross, Michigan State University, Where are you – Now that we need you? 1975